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Arbor Wealth Advisors Address Ireland’s Trinity College

On Monday, March 13th, Margaret R. McDowell, ChFC®, AIF® and Patrick R. McDowell, CFP®, AIF® addressed graduate students in the School of Business at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland at the McNeill Theatre on the Trinity campus. Established in 1592, Trinity College is widely renowned as one of Europe’s leading universities.

Ms. McDowell, ChFC®, AIF® delivered Part I of the presentation, entitled “Client Service is Key: Building an Investment Advisory Firm.” Patrick McDowell, CFP®, AIF® presented Part II, entitled “Modern Strategies in Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation.”

“Our education as investment advisors and financial planners is a continuous process,” Ms. McDowell says. “The presentation is a special opportunity for Arbor Wealth advisors to interact with European economists and academicians, to gain a feeling for the future of the EU, to study business models and entrepreneurial trends there and to learn more about the global economy.”


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