Asset Management Information

Asset management is our primary focus.

All client portfolios are custom-created. An analysis of your Federal Income Tax returns is performed to determine many factors, including the cost basis of existing securities well before any trading in your account commences. We begin with the questions, “What are your objectives for this portfolio?” and “Do you need income generated from your investments?” and proceed from there. If you do need income, we custom-create a portfolio we call an “Income with Growth” strategy. If you do not need income, we design a portfolio we call “Growth with Income.” Through the application of sophisticated financial planning software, we are able to determine what your estimated gross income is from all sources, including Social Security, pensions, etc., and then we determine how much you actually need to live each month. If a cash flow need is identified, we then determine, through your level of investable assets, what you will need your portfolio to produce in order to achieve your supplementary income total.  Income is achieved through dividends from equities and bond yields.  Income and growth are of course not mutually exclusive, and we endeavor to continue growing your assets while you are getting paid each month from your investments.

We are tactical, discretionary asset managers. We believe in buy and manage, rather than buy and hold.

Generally speaking, we lean toward dividend-paying securities whose share price has steadily increased over time and who have a history of increasing dividend payouts to shareholders. We currently rely most frequently on large cap American companies who market successfully to emerging market nations.  We also favor, with most portfolios, securities that provide essential or repeatable consumer needs, including utilities. Every publicly traded security is available to us for use in client portfolios, including individual stocks and bonds, Master Limited Partnerships (MLP), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and Closed End Funds (CEF). We seldom use mutual funds, as they add an additional layer of fees to our clients. We do not sell or recommend annuities. We can often determine, upon request, the efficacy of surrendering an annuity and investing those dollars elsewhere.

Every aspect of our clients’ financial lives is important to us.  Once you become a client with assets under management, we put our investment team to work for you in every aspect of your financial life. We can assist with Social Security Optimization, provide analysis on real estate transactions, review your existing estate planning documents and conduct a review on your insurance policies regarding long care or term insurance.