What investment strategies are employed?

At Arbor Wealth, we employ a tactical asset management style and serve as a discretionary asset manager.   We “buy and manage”, rather than buy and hold, depending on market conditions and client objectives.

We also recognize the importance of dividends as part of a total return equation, and we are rigorously focused on consistent income and the growth of that dividend income.  All portfolios are custom-created.  But most clients fall into two main categories:  those who desire income from their investments (Income with Growth) and those who do not (Growth with Income).

Clients seeking periodic, systematic income from their investments to supplement Social Security or pension income frequently find that our Income with Growth strategy fits their needs.  Our investment team screens for those companies which not only have reliably paid dividends, but which have historically increased these dividend payments to shareholders.  These companies must also satisfy our requirement for continued growth, so that they offer competitive total returns over time.  Income and growth are not mutually exclusive (For more information on Income Generation strategies, please click on the dropdown button entitled “Income Generation” at the top of the page).

If your primary objective is to grow your assets, you may find that our Growth with Income strategy is a proper fit for you.  This investment strategy is most effective for those clients who currently have sufficient cash flow and who wish to continue to grow their account value.  While dividends remain an important consideration, the growth characteristics of a company take precedence in our analysis.