Fee-Only & Fiduciary

As a Fee-Only registered investment advisory firm, we sell no products, accept no commissions of any kind from any source, and maintain no proprietary interest in any fund. Every dollar of revenue that flows to our firm comes from our clients, so our loyalty is to you and you alone. We opened the Destin area’s first Fee-Only registered investment advisory firm in the year 2000 and have provided Fee-Only investment advisory and financial planning services since.

Fee-Only RIA’s do not sell products of any kind. Fee-based firms can manage assets as well as sell products and accept commissions for placing client assets into proprietary funds. There is a difference between these two types of firms.

As a fiduciary we maintain a responsibility to act only in your best interests at all times. We must disclose any conflict of interest to our clients and always put their interests above our own. Wire houses and broker-dealers do not act as fiduciaries 100% of the time.

Destin’s first Fee-Only firm is embracing clients from all over northwest Florida.  Niceville Fee-Only, 30A Fee-Only, Santa Rosa Beach Fee-Only, Panama City Fee-Only, Fort Walton Beach Fee-Only and Tallahassee Fee-Only investors can find out more about our services by calling 850-608-6121 or scheduling a complimentary consultation.